Litigation Support

The Essential Role of litigation support is to analyze, organize, and present. To do this effectively, you need a team that knows the underlying processes and technologies inside and out.

Today’s cases rely on a wide variety of formats, including digital transcripts, video and digital or physical exhibits. We’ll develop a custom plan showcasing each in the best way.

By eliminating hard copies, any member of your team can access any asset from any location. Collaborate at a moment’s notice regardless of location.

We are passionate about the latest technologies, and make it our mission to discover the best and master it. VLCS has always adopted the most up-to-date advances to save clients time and money. We were among the earliest firms in the nation to offer realtime and internet realtime reporting.


Exhibit Linking

  • Easily locate an exhibit anywhere within a transcript.
  • Have all exhibits on your hard drive, eliminating the need for hard copies
  • Bundle multiple transcripts with linked exhibits

Synchronized Video to Text

  • View video along with the text for the “being there” experience.
  • Watch the non-verbal communication alongside the transcript text
  • Search text to instantly access the exact point in time in the video

VLCS uses the best software applications on the market. We provide the completed, certified transcripts in most formats, including:

  • Min-U-Script (searchable .pdf) The most common format for documents. Uses free Acrobat Reader software to view.
  • RealLegal (.ptx) Requires the free "E-Transcript Viewer" software application from RealLegal in order to view and annotate the transcript.
  • Textmap (Casemap .xmef) Requires the "TextMap" or "CaseMap" software from Lexis-Nexis to view and annotate the transcript.
  • LiveNote (.lef) Requires Thomson Reuters "Case Notebook" software to view and annotate the transcript. Supports Realtime connections.
  • Summation (.sbf) Requires "Summation" trial presentation software from AccessData to view and annote the transcript.
  • Trial Director (.cms) Requires "Trial Director" trial presentation software from InData Corporation to view and annotate the transcript.
  • Sanction (.mdb) Requires the "Sanction" trial presentation software from Lexis-Nexis to view and annotate the transcript.
  • Case Notebook (.ptz) Requires the "Case Notebook" software from Lexis-Nexis to view and annotate the transcript.
  • Microsoft Word (.docx) Common format for many audio transcription needs, but not so common for legal documents.


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