transmOur Transcription Service uses 100% U.S.-based transcriptionists with a minimum of 10 years’ experience. We use a state-of-the art, completely secure, virtual, HIPAA-compliant platform that is available to you 24/7. You can send us files digitally through the platform or you can “dial in via telephone” and dictate.

The conversations from your meetings need to be meticulously captured and then delivered to you in easily accessible formats. Whether live or post-production, we assemble a true record of your event, in its original context.

Just taping the conversation at your board of directors meeting or annual conference leaves room for error and isn’t good enough. It is difficult to understand WHO said what and, if you try to transcribe the audio, it takes hours to transcribe and punctuate the conversation because it is the “spoken word.” You need to be sure your conversations are presented in context. We give you the peace of mind and security of exactly that.

At VLCS we are certified and licensed by the State of Illinois to be an impartial third party to transcribe every word spoken so everyone can understand the context of the entire conversation without bias or ambiguity.


Types of audio dictation that we transcribe:

  • Audio tapes
  • Video tapes
  • Statements
  • Investigations
  • Focus groups & market research
  • Insurance claims
  • Letters and correspondence
  • Shareholder and board meetings
  • Summits and Conferences
  • Telephone calls
  • 911 calls
  • Interviews
  • Academic transcriptions
  • Lectures
  • University projects/dissertations
  • Sermons
  • Radio broadcasts
  • Video conferences
  • Formats supported:

    • MP3, WMV, VOB, Flash, FTR Gold, CD, DVD, VHS tape, audiocassette, web link.


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