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Search results  with video have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain text.
73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching videos that explain a product or service.
B2B buyers name video
among the Top 3 most useful types of content for making work purchases. 


To Connect with your clients and prospects in the most impactful way possible -- with a professionally developed Promotional Video created by VLCS. A custom-designed Promotional Video program captures your company’s essence… We work with you to highlight the strengths of your people, products and services in a compelling way.

Our Promotional video storytelling and marketing services will build your reputation and establish your thought leadership, helping you create more referrals, more repeat clients and more word of mouth marketing.

Then, we’ll put those promotional videos on Page One of Google.

Website Video Package

Purpose:  Video is a powerful tool for establishing you as an expert and authority in your field. Each video in this package is one to three minutes in length, interview-style (with interviewer provided by VLCS) or scripted with a teleprompter.  For interview-style, the interviewer is off-camera so that only the client/talent is seen.  Videos are shot on-site at client’s location.

Event Highlight Video

This product tells the story of your event. This kind of video is used to generate media and marketing buzz in order to extend the attendees' experience and to market the next event in the series. Event videos may also be shot prior to an event as a marketing tool or for unveiling at the event, itself. This package includes one video, with an option for capturing standalone video testimonials.

Testimonial Video

Purpose: Video testimonials are the quickest way to tell the story of an event, company or product from the viewpoint of the consumer.  This product creates a set of short (1 – 2 minutes duration) testimonial videos from happy clients, employees, event attendees, or anyone with something good to say about you.

Testimonial: Latoya Hill, Promotional Video Client:

Simple Business Video with Green Screen

This style of video is the most economical one because it is simple and has few options or variations.  It features one or two people on camera with a “green screen” background which is replaced with a solid color background and one graphic (usually the company logo) during post-production.  A “lower 3rd” title is included for name and contact information.  Included in this package is 90 minutes of studio time and a teleprompter with the client’s verbatim script loaded onto it.  The video duration is three minutes or less.

This style of video is good for:

  • Business pitches (financial or marketing).
  • Web site welcome.
  • Testimonials.

Short, Simple Video Series

Purpose: A series of short videos (usually in the one- to three-minute range) for a web site, with no more than one or two people on-camera at the same time. The videos are shot in one sitting at the VLCS studios or at the client's site.

The short, simple video series is the right product for:

  • Content Marketing: Thought Leadership videos: To establish your position as a thought leader in your industry. The video series establishes your expertise and authority in selected areas of specialization.
  • FAQ: Video Frequently Asked Questions: The video version of the written FAQ. Answer the most frequently asked questions from prospective customers, saving the time of answering the same questions over and over again by telephone or email.
  • Web Site Section Introductions: Each section of your web site can have a video that greets the visitor and gives some simple information relevant to that section. It will complement or reduce the copy that needs to appear on each page and gives your prospect choices in how to learn about you.
  • Other Possibilities: A short, simple video series is useful for delivering important information in easily digestible pieces. Use your imagination!

Personal Marketing: Professional Video Biography

Many web sites have written biographies for key staff.  A video biography makes a greater impact on the viewer and captures the essence of each executive, attorney or other professional. Shot either in your office or our studio, we use a script and teleprompter to allow the individual to look directly into the camera. We’ll help you develop the script that will best establish your expertise and helpfulness.

Demo: James Shapiro on Criminal Defense:

Marketing Video for Department / Division / Practice Area

A “department” video captures the essence of your group through the words of its members. It “humanizes” them by showing their faces, hearing their voices and revealing their personalities.  A simpler department video features just one voice along with B roll or still images of the other members of the group.

Legacy Video

Legacy videos preserve a family’s history or company’s institutional knowledge. From a simple “video will” to a “full-life documentary,” legacy videos feature interviews with the VIP and related individuals, along with archival pictures and video recordings.

Live Streaming & Recording

From a highly-produced, rehearsed and staged production to simpler, less structured meetings, it’s almost impossible to get everyone to attend.  While face-to-face attendance is great, it is not always necessary with the help of technology.  VLCS manages the technology so that you can focus on your message.  Annual meetings. Stakeholder meetings. Town halls. Messages from the President.  VLCS facilitates all of these, including all interactive features available like text chat, Twitter feeds, video responses and social media.  VLCS can also record the broadcast in HD for video-on-demand.


Video Search Engine Optimization

Our innovative optimization approach puts your videos to work for you as lead generation assets, engaging customers and drawing them to your website. Video SEO Services.


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